Shape Your Community of Tomorrow

A Social Motion Project lets all of us participate in decision making, through our exercise, to make our communities more active by default. And it gets people moving, creating a culture of being more active.

Any organization, including governments and schools, prepared to allow meaningful public participation in decision making, and that has a budget for recreation and active transportation, can start its own Social Motion Project.

But every Project needs a spark to get up and running. Could that be you?


Within a community – whether it is an entire country, a major city, a small neighbourhood or even a group of like-minded individuals – a Project involves authorities agreeing to prioritize initiatives that people vote for with their exercise. 


When students, staff and parents agree that they want their school to develop a culture of being active, the administration, often working with students and parents, can agree to fund a certain amount of group prizes for exercise. Not that everyone needs to be on a sports team, but simply that kids are spending more time moving and less time on their phones.

How to Get Started

You can start a new Social Motion Project in your community or school, and we can help you get set up.

Email us at to learn more about the setup process.