Motion App

Motion turns your exercise into social good, in three easy steps.

1.  The app reads, with your permission, the fitness data already tracked on your smartphone, FitBit or any wearable that can transfer data to Apple or Google, and converts those steps into Daily Units of Exercise (DUEs).

Everyone has their own custom Daily Goal, based on their past activity.

2.  You and others spend DUEs on the recreational priorities and projects of your choice.

 3.  A project is funded once the number of contributed DUEs reaches the number required. The more people stepping and contributing DUEs, the faster the project gets funded.

Your Privacy Matters 

Social Motion is a fitness service that, with your permission, accesses your exercise data through HealthKit on iOS, Google Fit on Android or FitBit. Social Motion respects your privacy. This app: does not disclose any information gained through HealthKit, Google Fit or FitBit to third parties; does not sell information gained through HealthKit, Google Fit or FitBit to advertising platforms, data brokers, or information resellers; and, does not use information gained through the use of the HealthKit, Google Fit or FitBit frameworks for advertising or similar services. Social Motion uses HealthKit, Google Fit or FitBit to access your steps or active minutes data, in order to calculate “Daily Units of Exercise”. “Daily Units of Exercise” is not a medically-certified concept, but rather a methodology for setting a goal that helps users reach a daily step count of 10,000 steps.

Of note, Google Fit uses Location Services to count your steps (see explanation), but no location data is shared with the Motion app.

Technology and a No-Phone Solution

The Motion app works on iPhone and Android phones.  It works with FitBit or any wearable that can sync its data with Apple HealthKit or Google Fit on your smartphone.  

Motion also works for users with no smartphone but with a FitBit. Create a Social Motion account on our web portal, and simply connect your FitBit.