Power of the Crowd for an Active City Agenda


613 Update is a weekly email digest that connects those who care about a more active Ottawa of tomorrow, and tells their stories. The update has 5 sections:

  1. Parkways for People – reimagining the parkways as space for people
  2. Word on the Street – key discussions in the community
  3. This Week’s Big Idea – concepts for change
  4. Stand Up For Something – be heard; get involved
  5. Bike Ottawa Suggested Reading – great articles worth a look

613 Update Archives
(posted with a week or two delay) 

2022-09-15. All this Talk of Green Bonds …

2022-06-30. More Stuff Ottawa Can Do Better 

2022-06-23. 5 Standard Practices in Ottawa Bike Infrastructure It’s Time to Rethink

2022-06-16. Turn Storm Damage into Public Art

2022-06-09. Montreal Shows Us What Could Be

2022-06-02. What Happened to Colonel By Drive?

2022-05-26. eBike Rebates … An Idea Whose Time Has Come 

2022-05-19. Crunch Time for Lansdowne 

2022-05-12. We’re Celebrating this Saturday at 2pm 

2022-05-05. Your Summer Parkways Schedule, Including One Bonus You Might Have Missed

2022-04-28. Ottawa Could Build a Complete Bike Network Now By Front Loading 25 Years of Spending 

2022-04-21. Drop Off Your Hazardous Waste by Bike, at Tunney’s Pasture on Sunday around Noon

2022-04-14. This is How to Flatten the Hills on the Gatineau Park Parkways 

2022-04-07. Meet for Coffee at Champlain Lookout? 

2022-03-31. Join Us for a Critical Mass Ride? 

2022-03-24. Two Critical Discussions Shaping the Capital Region 

2022-03-10. On March 29, Hear NCC Plans for the Gatineau Park Parkways 

2022-03-03. What’s In Store For the Gatineau Park in 2022? 

2022-02-24. 7 Important Wins Are In Reach Following The Occupation 

2022-02-17. Retractable Bollards For the Win 

2022-02-10. Occupiers Are Making the Case for a Car-Free Wellington St. 

2022-02-03. As Big a Change Today as the Canal Skateway was in the 1970s 

2022-01-27. 25 New National Parks are Coming … What About One in Central Ottawa? 

2022-01-20. Could Free Transit be an Election Issue This Year? 

2022-01-13. 7 Ideas for Transforming the Canal Parkways 

2022-01-06. Decisions are Coming on 2022 Active Parkways  

2021-12-09. One Action to Connect All the Bike Lanes Near the Rideau Centre  

2021-12-02. Now That We Have Your Attention …  

2021-11-25. Canada’s First Active Superhighway? 

2021-11-18. A $250m Green Bond Could Build 25 Years of Bike Infra Now  

2021-11-11. You Are Invited to Our Ottawa 2022 Budget Boot Camp  

2021-11-04. Ottawa’s 2022 Budget to Spend More on Parking than Biking  

2021-10-28. 6 Amazing Ideas for the QED Parkway  

2021-10-21. A New Urban National Park in Ottawa?  

2021-10-14. How to Do a Decade of Bike Infrastructure in a Year  

2021-10-07. 2 Proposals for a Better Queen Elizabeth Driveway 

2021-09-30. Ottawa’s bike network in 2045  

2021-09-23. On Saturday, vote with your feet, bike, scooter, …  

2021-09-16. The return of street hockey  

2021-09-09. Introducing Parkways for People  

2021-07-29. 80% increase in biking when painted lanes turn into protected lanes  

2021-07-22. Let’s build an Ottawa SuperPark  

2021-07-12. Power of the crowd 

2021-07-05. 5000 a day 

2021-06-28. Bike path or parking garage?  

Neil Saravanamuttoo, the former chief economist of the G20’s Global Infrastructure Hub, is the curator of 613 Update and principal behind the Social Motion Project. He can be reached at neil@socialmotion.ca