Helping Change Makers Achieve More

in sustainable transportation and place making

The Social Motion Project is a not-for-profit, and often pro bono, initiative to help change makers achieve more in active transportation, transit and place making.

Ottawa Active City Projects


We work with community members to advance sustainable transportation and improve the public realm in Ottawa. Current projects include:

  • 613 Update: weekly email digest of what’s important for active city issues in Ottawa and how the community can help move the needle
  • Parkways for People: a coalition of organisations and people working for transformative change to the national capital parkways
  • Big Bond for Biking: proposal for Ottawa to issue a $250m green bond to build an entire generation of bike infrastructure immediately
  • Ottawa Bike Map: an up-to-date map of existing, planned and potential bike infrastructure in Ottawa
  • Ottawa City Budget Boot Camp: an analysis of the Ottawa 2022 budget, with a focus on sustainable transportation