Helping Change Makers Achieve More

in active transportation and recreation

The Social Motion Project is a not-for-profit, and often pro bono, initiative to help change makers achieve more in the active transportation and recreation space.

Ottawa Active City Projects

We work with community members to build better active transportation and recreational infrastructure in the Ottawa area. 

Current projects include:

  • Parkways for People: a coalition of organisations and people like you working for transformative change to the national capital parkways 
  • Ottawa Bike priorities: community views on where the City of Ottawa should invest next in bike infrastructure
  • 613 Update: weekly email digest of what’s important for active city issues in Ottawa and how the community can help move the needle
  • Budget Boot Camp: presentation on the Ottawa 2022 budget, with a focus on sustainable transportation 

Participatory Decision Making Platform

Imagine a platform for turning the exercise recorded on your smartphone into support for active transportation and recreation initiatives in your community.

The Motion App provides participating communities (governments, schools and other organizations with resources for active living) with a first-of-its-kind mechanism for engaging the public in decision making; community members use their daily exercise as voting ballots for potential active transportation and recreation projects.

Motion converts the steps or active minutes on an individual’s smartphone or FitBit into Daily Units of Exercise (DUEs), which that individual uses to cast votes for their preferred projects. The Motion app gets more people leading a healthy active lifestyle, and also directly engaged in civic and community issues. Personal data is secure and never sold or shared.